Monday, August 28
10:00 am -- 11:15 am
11:30 am -- 12:30 pm
The GPO Supplier Summits will give healthcare suppliers the unique opportunity to hear from the nation's leading GPOs as they share details of their latest initiatives and their action plans for the future.  Learn about methods of collaboration, supplier relations, and more.  Many of the sessions are also interactive, giving you the chance to ask your questions and meet one-on-one with GPO executives.  The participating GPOs are listed below.
Grand Canyon 8
  • ​Nicholas Toscano, CEO, Julicon Advisors, LLC
  • Mike Rivard, Interim CEO and President, ROi
  • Greg Firestone, Vice President, Strategic Customer Relations, ROi
  • Josh Sandler, Vice President, Group Purchasing, Mercy
  • Chris Little, Executive Director, Clinical Contracting, ROi
  • Jared Winchester, Director, Purchased Services and Business Development, ROi
The Next Generation: Driving Value Beyond Price

ROi executives and sourcing team members will share insights into ROi’s committed model and the benefits that ROi suppliers can achieve through a strategic and committed contractual relationship with ROi and our Members. The session will include a brief overview of ROi’s 5 Key Points of Differentiation that are attracting new health systems to join ROi.
Grand Saguaro East
10:00 am -- 11:15 am  Showing Customers How We Can Get Them Back Into the Business of Medicine
  • George McNellage, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions
In our continuing efforts to evolve our value proposition, Intalere this year has sharpened its focus on delivering healthcare solutions to assist our members in improving governance and business processes, generating continuous value creation through price and utilization savings, making investments in enabling technology to remain competitive and enhancing operational efficiencies, business analytics and overall performance management.  We feel this is the largest opportunity for Intalere to integrate with its members by providing a reproducible solution set (People, Process and Technology) that simultaneously creates incremental value and greater operational efficiencies through constant innovation and transfer of best practices.
In this session we will:
  • Convey our vision to “get our customers back in the business of medicine,” by mapping their daily challenges and questions to solutions we currently have available or that are currently in development.
  • Share specific examples of how collaborating closely with members and suppliers, we brought tremendous value in a variety of areas.
  • Explore how deepening our connections and relationships, we can enhance the depth and breadth of our reach and ability to impact every aspect of the cost and care equation in healthcare.
11:30 am -- 12:30 pm   Follow Up Panel Discussion
Panel Moderator:
  • Barton Schmitz, Executive Vice President, Sales 
  • Kreg Koford, AVP Supply Chain, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Dave Walsh, Director of Supply Chain Administration, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Laura Lynde, Senior Director of National Accounts, DeRoyal
  • Erica Toatley, Director, Strategic Accounts, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc.
The session will feature a follow up panel discussion with Intalere representatives, our members and supplier partners on evolving the collaboration and engagement of all stakeholders to benefit healthcare delivery and ultimately, the patient.
Grand Saguaro West
  • David Finley, vice president, Strategic Supplier Engagement
  • Sue Casey, vice president, Strategic Supplier Engagement
Moving from Supplier Relationships to Strategic Engagements to Drive Big Results
Whether in a personal or professional situation, transcending from being in a relationship to becoming engaged signals a different level of commitment. Join us as we unveil a renewed commitment and new resources to support contracted suppliers in a much more engaging fashion.  We will discuss how a revamped model focused on strategy rather than relationships— and built around lines of business instead of geography – can yield greater coordination, opportunity and profitability.
Learning Objectives:
  • Formulate new processes for supplier engagement, targeting and internal coordination..
  • Describe methods of nurturing leads and driving business.
  • Identify strategies for pursuing new business development opportunities.
Grand Saguaro South

Presenter: Greg Knapp
When Engagement With Your GPO Partner Goes Well (and When It Doesn’t)
This panel presentation with Vizient sourcing leaders and Vizient awarded suppliers will include examples of collaboration and partnership that lead to successful outcomes and will also detail challenging situations that weren’t as successful. After the formal presentation, Vizient sourcing leaders from various disciplines will be available to engage with suppliers.  
Learning objectives:
  • Provide an example of how partnership can lead to mutual success with hospitals.
  • Describe a successful engagement model between GPO, supplier and hospital.
  • Outline barriers to success and how to overcome them.