Financial Operations Track: Supply Chain Logistics
Date & Time
Monday, April 17, 2023, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location Name
Osceola Ballroom E
Financial Operations Track

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Logistics, in terms of the actual storage and shipping of goods, is a sometimes-underrepresented topic when it comes to examining the healthcare supply chain. But the coordination of facilities, people, equipment, and other resources to ensure products, supplies, and vital medications move when they’re supposed to and there is space for them at the next stop is critically important. In this session, we’ll look at driving best practices and processes in areas including demand planning, transportation (including fleet management), inventory management, material handling, and order fulfillment.

Learning objectives:

1. Examine current trends in the logistics function and how they are impacting the entirety of the supply chain including fuel costs, environmental considerations, and shipping issues.

2. Review forecasted shortages and resource deficiencies and understand possible impacts on demand planning and safety stock considerations

3. Explain the growth of self-distribution models and review the factors that a healthcare system must consider to determine whether self-distribution is a viable alternative.

4. Identify best practices and the value of crossline communication between clinicians, pharmacy, OR, etc. to better understand their needs and the needs of their patients.