Full Name
Eugene Schneller Ph.D.
Arizona State University
Speaker Bio
Eugene Schneller earned his Ph.D. at New York University (Sociology). He was awarded an honorary Physician Associate (PA) degree from Duke University and an honorary Doctor of Learned Letters from the A.T. Still University. He has held faculty and research scholar positions at Duke University, Union College (New York) and Columbia University. His consulting and research focuses on health care policy, best practice adoption, supply chain purchasing strategy design and governance, human resource development and supply chain integration. He is a former director at Vomaris and the Barrow Neurological Institute and has served on advisory boards for both device manufacturers and information technology companies. He is a frequent speaker at academic and corporate conferences and has facilitated retreats and focus groups. He was Principal Investigator for the Department of Defense efforts to integrate the medical supply chains for the three services. His recent research has focused on the design of stockpiles and pooled resources for resilience, regulatory change, impact of investment and Biden administration impact on the health sector. He is co-founder of Healthcare Supply Chain eXcellence.
Eugene Schneller