Spring 2019 IDN Summit Keynote Speakers

Welcome and Executive Leadership Keynote
Ann Ashley
Vice President of Talent & Organizational Development
Biltmore Center for Professional Development
Biltmore’s Approach to Leadership
As a leader, the choices you make today will have an impact on generations to come. Your legacy will likely not be one grand achievement; rather, it will be the culmination of many small acts performed over time, therefore, caring for others today and preparing those around you for tomorrow will ensure that you are investing wisely. It is this approach to leadership that sets Biltmore and the Vanderbilt legacy apart.  
Biltmore Center for Professional Development shares the time-tested leadership strategies that have guided Biltmore Estate for over 125 years.
Led by family and non-family executives, this privately-owned National Historic Landmark is powered by engaged employees, exceptional guest experiences, and extraordinary financial returns, remaining America’s Largest Home generation after generation.
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Thought Leadership Panel: 

General Vinny Boles welcomes the healthcare supply chain of the future to the IDN Summit Thought Leadership Panel. This group of supply chain executives are for the first time leading their respective organizations supply chain. Hear their stories of expected and unexpected challenges, how they are changing their organizations, opinions on the future of healthcare delivery, among the many topics they will be challenged on by General Boles. This is the ‘can’t miss’ session of the Spring IDN Summit


Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the unique challenges of leading an IDNs supply chain organization.

2. Outline the future of the healthcare supply chain.

3. Demonstrate the opportunities for improved customer care through supply chain initiatives.

Vincent "Vinny" Boles
Major General (Ret.)
United States Army
Sara Henderson MBA
Vice President, Supply Chain
Avera Health 
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Kreg M Koford MBA, CPSM
Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Sustaining Care Services
Memorial Sloan Kettering
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Eric Tritch
Vice President Supply Chain
UChicago Medicine 
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Inspiring Others Keynote
Chad Pennington
NFL Legend and Founder
1st and Ten Foundation

Taken as the first quarterback of the 2000 NFL draft and winning two divisional championships, Chad Pennington certainly understands the thrill of victory, but he also understands that winning is coming back from the agony of defeats. Twice selected the AP and the PFWAs NFL Comeback Player of the Year, Chad fought through four shoulder surgeries, playing as the backup, being released, and only two college scholarship offers to become a legendary NFL QB and leader of young men.


Chad will draw upon his countless stories to share with you his message of resilience, preparation, never giving up, and always giving back to become the leader you want to be. Learn how he relates the preparation of an NFL quarterback to your role within your organization as he shares insights from his The Corporate Quarterback lessons. Get a behind the scenes look into NFL headquarters as they find opportunities amid the many uncertainties facing professional football. Most importantly, discover the joy he gets by giving back to the youth in West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky and the greater New York City area.


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