IDN Summit Pricing

**Provider Attendees: Please contact Taylor Stapleton at 859.406.4226 for more information.**
2020 Fall IDN Summit Pass (August 24 - 26, 2020 at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ)
  • $1,795 per Attendee through April 30th
  • $1,995 per Attendee through June 30th
  • $2,095 per Attendee through July 31st
  • $2,195 per Attendee from August 1st though Onsite Registration

If payment is not received within 30 days of registration, pricing will be adjusted to applicable rate at that time.

Contact Josh Morita or Robert Chafin about how to save $100 per attendee with a Group Registration by registering five or more attendees.
2020 Spring Teambuilding 
  • Cost: $75
Start the 2020 Spring IDN Summit off with the Teambuilding challenge. This unique networking opportunity brings IDNs, GPOs, and Supplier attendees together for a fun, interactive event. Proceeds benefit a local non-profit. Contact Taylor Stapleton at 859.406.4226 for more information.
Cancellations & Guarantee Policy
The IDN Summit wants attendees to feel confident in the value of each IDN Summit. To maintain the highest level of integrity and commitment to the healthcare industry, the IDN Summit offers a generous guarantee to attendees. Visit our cancellations & guarantee policy page for complete details.


If you are a GPO or supplier attendee, please contact Robert Chafin or Josh Morita at 859.523.5701. IDN attendees should contact Taylor Stapleton at 859.406.4226.