Reverse Expo

For Your Safety: The IDN Summit has worked diligently to ensure attendee safety during the Reverse Expo. Click here to view a full list of the safety enhancements being implemented throughout the Spring IDN Summit.

The IDN Summit Reverse Expo is the highlight of your Summit experience. The unique format of the Reverse Expo offers unparalleled networking and product-sourcing opportunities. The IDN Summit team is working hard to ensure the best experience possible for the April 13th Reverse Expo while adhering to federal, state and local public health guidelines.

As such, the IDN Summit will host a more initimate Reverse Expo this fall due to public health guidelines. We've committed to measures that increase space between attendees, including larger booths, appropriate distance between booths, and limiting the number of individuals walking the expo floor.

We strongly believe the Reverse Expo is a unique experience that requires participants to be on-site. Therefore, we believe it must be experienced in an in-person format rather them try to mimic the in-person experience virtually. Virtual Experience attendees will have the opportunity to participate in 1:1 Meetings in lieu of attending the Reverse Expo. 

These plans may evolve and change over time to reflect government guidance and new societal expectations. As we prepare for the Reverse Expo, we continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and ensure the best public health practices are being exercised. We will adapt quickly and appropriately to all new information and guidance. 

Reverse Expo Hosts 

The IDN Summit is in contact with numerous IDNs located across the country. As most IDNs still have active travel bans in effect, their attendance cannot be confirmed at this time. We will begin providing a list of attending IDNs, updated Reverse Expo safety policies, and discuss additional travel restrictions in early 2021. For IDN supply chain executives, please contact Brent Petty at 859.554.3236. For suppliers and GPO attendees, please contact Robert Chafin or Josh Morita at 859.523.5701.

Safety Measures

  • Printed Items: Due to concerns of distributing paper literature we ask that no brochures, catalogs, and other printed materials be distributed to Reverse Expo hosts during the Reverse Expo. 
  • Business Cards: The IDN Summit will provide a “Hospital Contact Sheet” available to attendees in lieu of exchanging business cards.  
  • Greetings: We will provide alternative greeting options, rather than traditional handshakes. Additional details will be provided soon.
  • Hand Sanitization: Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the Reverse Expo hall.
  • Transparent Barrier Screens: We are increasing the size of the expo booth and the distance between booths. We will also have plexiglass barriers installed at all booths.
  • Sanitizing Schedule: In addition to breaks during the Reverse Expo to allow for sanitization, the hotel staff will continually sanitize booth surfaces while the Reverse Expo Hall is open.
  • Opening Procedure: All attendees will be required to social distance while in queue for the Reverse Expo.
  • Floor Markings: We will place “safe distance” markers, following social distancing guidelines, in the Reverse Expo.
  • Directional Signage: We will place directional signage to improve traffic flow within the Reverse Expo.

How the IDN Summit Reverse Expo Works

1. IDN decision-makers staff booths.
2. Suppliers and GPOs visit IDN booths.
3. Relationships that matter are built.

IDN and RPC executives looking to register for the Reverse Expo should contact Brent Petty at 859.554.3236.