FAQs and Best Practices

All IDN Summit Virtual Experience activities appear in Eastern Time (ET).

Technology Requirements

Attendees need to use Google Chrome, the IDN Summit Virtual Experience is not compatiable with Internet Explorer.

  • If switching from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome does not fix your issue logging into the 1:1 Meetings or Meet Now inside the Hosted Suites follow the instructions below.

The 1:1 Meeting and Meet Now platforms require access to your mircophone and camera. If you are seeing a blank or completely gray screen on Google Chrome follow these instructions:

  • Click the little arrow on the right side of under Recent Activity
  • There will be a dropdown option for Mircophone,
  • Choose Allow
  • There will be a dropdown option for Camera,
  • Choose Allow 


If your organization has a strict firewall to outside organizations and links, this could be stopping you from accessing the IDN Summit Virtual Experience, 1:1 Meetings, or

  • All IDN Summit Platforms are hosted on secure web pages, contact your IT Department to allow access to, Swoogo and
  • The IDN Summit Virtual Experience Platform is Mobile and Tablet friendly, if your desktop or laptop are blocking access, one altnerative can be logging in on your mobile device or tablet off of WiFi.

Networking at the IDN Summit Virtual Experience

1:1 Meetings are just one of the many ways you can connect with IDNs, suppliers, and GPOs. Connect with other attendees during:

  1. Hosted Suites: Join industry-leading organizations an opportunity as they host you to educate you about their latest initiatives. Click here to visit these Hosted Suites between 9:00 am ET - 6:00 pm ET.
  2.  Teambuilding: Join virtual teambuilders as they complete an assigned project to benefit Children's Hospitals. IDN Summit teambuilders will learn strategies to work on a team virtually. Sponsored by Premier, Inc., pre-register for this attendee favorite session today.  Space is limited. 
  3. Live Chat During Sessions: Chat with over 75+ Faculty during educational sessions. View the full agenda. 
  4. Idea Exchanges: Join an Idea Exchange on Thursday to  discuss relevant topics. Click here to the full list of Idea Exchange sessions. 

Guide to the IDN Summit Virtual Experience

Find your Guide to the IDN Summit Virtual Experience below.