2021 Fall IDN Summit Keynotes

Anja Manuel

Executive Leadership Keynote: The Global Economy and Long-Term Consequences of the COVID Crisis

$7.6 trillion. This is the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the economic output lost to the pandemic over the next decade in the United States alone. Even as the global economy rebounds, the international financial, political, and social impacts will continue for years to come. What does this mean for healthcare supply chain leaders?

Deeply reliant on international markets, particularly in Asia, healthcare is uniquely vulnerable to uncertainties and disruptions. Understanding the complexities of international relations is key to ensuring continuity in your supply chain. Drawing on her first-hand expertise as a former diplomat and now advisor to US CEOs, Anja Manuel will untangle the long-term international economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and share insights into its impact on your supply chain. 

Dr. Randy Bradley

Dr. Claudia Rosales

Dr. Eugene Schneller

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the critical importance of IDN supply chain leaders. Just as the pandemic has transformed us as leaders, the supply chains we operate are evolving, too. How do we strategically approach new challenges, enhance current operations, and ensure continuity in the healthcare supply chain going forward? On August 31, we’re heading back to the classroom for the IDN Summit Thought Leadership Panel to answer these questions and more.

Join Brent Petty as he hosts leaders from three of American’s top supply chain management programs, the University of Tennessee’s Dr. Randy Bradley, the University of Arkansas’ Dr. Claudia Rosales, and Arizona State University’s Dr. Eugene Schneller. During this engaging discussion on the issues impacting your IDN supply chain, they will share insight into the healthcare supply chain trends on the horizon, discuss how to overcome tomorrow’s challenges, and answer your questions.

Christie Pearce Rampone

Inspirational Keynote: Christie Pearce Rampone

Olympic stories always have a way of lifting spirits and inspiring us to be better people and leaders. Just like the Olympic athletes who competed this year, we’ve all faced adversity, both personally and professionally, to be where we are today. How can we continue moving forward and draw strength from this experience?

US Soccer Icon Christie Pearce Rampone, affectionately referred to as Captain America, is known for her abilities as both a legendary athlete and compassionate leader. Join us as Christie shares her inspiring story and explains how humility, perseverance, and hard work can be the perfect formula for success, on and off the field. Throughout her story of triumph and success, she will offer practical strategies to lead with compassion, be present in life’s moments, and overcome adversity.