Pre-IDN Summit Educational Series:

Executive Leadership Keynote

Faculty: Rob Perez, Entrepreneur and Investor in People, DV8 Kitchen

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in many ways. We had to adapt both personally and professionally. For countless individuals who struggle with addiction and mental illness, the pandemic has been particularly difficult, resulting in over 40 states seeing an increase in opioid overdoses and alcohol use in 2020. Unchecked, these trends are likely to lead to an even more dramatic increase in the number of people who struggle with drug addiction and alcoholism for many years after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

As we move on from a difficult year, leaders are faced with an increasingly important question: how to care for coworkers in a world impacted and marred by COVID. In the Executive Leadership Keynote, Rob Perez, Entrepreneur and Investor in People, will share how we can overcome the barriers to supporting and helping coworkers.

Join us as Rob Perez shares the inspiring story of his work with DV8 Kitchen, a business that supports second-chance employment opportunities. Rob’s work with DV8 Kitchen has brought him full circle in his journey and taught him many lessons in how to provide a lifetime of hope and assist others to deviate from their lifestyle.

Series Schedule

Below is the schedule of the upcoming sessions and keynotes.

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  • March 30th | Strategic Warehouse Considerations with Mike Langlois
  • April 6th | Supplier Disruptions