Audio Recordings and Powerpoint Presenations from 2018 Spring

Clinical Integration
Its All About the Data
Cultivating Change: The Inseperable Link Between Clinical Quality...High Reliability...Change Management
We Need It and We Need it Now
Financial Operations
Strategies for Practical Cost Reductions
Reimbursement and Value-based Purchasing
Disrupting the Supply Chain
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain- What Do They Mean for the Healthcare Supply Chain?
Artificial Intelligence and Digitizing of the Supply Chain
Panel: Transformation Lessons Learned for the Supply Chain
2018 OPPS Final Rule Effectuive January 1 2018+ 340B Under Trump
Biosimilar Drug Landscape
Financial Advocacy in the Pharmacy
Pharmacy Supply Chain Management Using a Consolidated Services Center
Managing Drug Costs in Ambulatory Practices
Specialty Pharmacy + Medication Assistance Programs
Supplier Strategies
Forces Impacting Healthcare Suppliers in the U.S. Today
Panel: A GPO Panel Discussion on Innovative Solutions
Panel: Creating Profitable Partnerships with IDNs by Maximizing Change
Panel: Making an Impact Today
Panel: In Three Years