Professional Development Workshop

Your Leadership Legacy

In an ever-changing world, effective leadership is paramount to your success. An organization’s success and influence is summed up in the effectiveness of its leaders. The IDN Summit is teaming up with the world-renowned Biltmore Center for Professional Development to provide a unique networking opportunity that facilitates the conversation of leadership across the healthcare industry. This hands-on workshop will help develop Your Leadership Legacy, which guides leaders on an introspective journey, approaching the concept of no one can effectively lead others if they cannot first lead themselves. The workshop guides leaders in developing their internal authority - their confidence, conviction, authenticity, and personal vision - because when leaders have internal authority rather than imposing their leadership through rank and title, others will naturally follow. This workshop, along with collaboration and sharing, gives participants a greater understanding of themselves and how their work adds value to their organization by working through the questions on the right:


You will also develop your organizational “why,” with the goal of understanding how each employee’s purpose fits into the larger picture.
The workshop will take place at the Fall IDN Summit on Wednesday, September 19th from 8:30 am - Noon in Grand Canyon 6.
One-Page Legacy Life Plan
Participants will take home a One-Page Legacy Life Plan, outlining the person they are, the person they aspire to be, and what truly matters to them.
Space is limited, registration is required. Fill out the information below to reserve your spot before they run out.
For more information about the Professional Development Workshop contact Molly Smith at 859.523.5701