Pharmacy Executive Forum

Held on Wednesday morning, the invitation-only Pharmacy Executives Forum gives senior pharmacy executives a forum to discuss pertinent issues and share best practices as they wrap up their IDN Summit experience. This Fall, you’ll enjoy a follow-up discussion on Monday’s specialty pharmacy session and an opportunity for open idea sharing.

Pharmacy Idea Sharing

Moderator: Brian Sayre

Discuss the challenges you’re facing with your peers and go in-depth with topics discussed during the Summit. Emphasis will be placed on topics, including preparing for future supply chain disruptions, exploring strategic pharmacy opportunities, and navigating post-pandemic pharmacy operations. This idea-sharing session will empower you to go back to your organization with solutions to your current challenges, sourced from your peers leading pharmacy supply chain efforts at IDNs across the nation.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the challenges facing pharmacy operations today.
  2. Outline strategic opportunities for pharmacy leaders going forward.
  3. Identify specific plans of action to prepare for and mitigate future supply chain shortages.


Specialty Pharmacy Discussion

Moderator: Bonnie Kirschenbaum 

Following Monday’s Specialty Pharmacy presentation, join us for an in-depth discussion on the specialty pharmacy challenges directly impacting your IDN. By exploring this topic through the lens of the IDNs in attendance, you’ll gain practical strategies to implement into your pharmacy operations. Bring your experiences and questions for this moderated discussion.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Outline pharmacy leaders’ main challenges with specialty pharmacy.
  2. Evaluate strategies to mitigate and manage specialty pharmacy operations.
  3. Describe specialty pharmacy’s current and future role in healthcare.
Bonnie Kirschenbaum
Full Name
Independent Pharmacy Consultant & Columnist
Speaker Bio
With her strong leadership skills and breadth of experience, Bonnie is a recognized industry leader in forging effective alliances between hospitals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies and distributors and has spoken extensively in these areas as well as written columns on finance and reimbursement in pharmacy that have had a positive influence on pharmacy practice nationally.

Additionally, she consults in this area of practice, has presented the Reimbursement Update session at the ASHP Midyear for several years as well as working on Reimbursement issues with the ASHP Leadership Conference, ACCC, ACE, ASCO, Cancernet-US, IDN, state and local societies and multihospital groups. Bonnie authors 16 columns/year and has published an online multi-module self-teaching reimbursement course. Bonnie is the 2015 OSU Latiolias Leadership Award recipient.

She lives in Boulder and Breckenridge, CO where she’s the Past President of the National Repertory Orchestra Board of Trustees and served on the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance Board of Directors.