Boardroom Sessions

Similar to the IDN Summit Lunch N Learns and Focus Groups, Boardroom Sessions are in-depth educational forums offering opportunity for discussion and learnings related to current issues impacting the healthcare supply chain. These invitation-only sessions allowed host companies the chance for open dialogue about strategies, problem solving and informed decision making in the changing atmosphere of the healthcare supply chain. Led by industry leaders, these provider-only sessions are designed to be interactive and provide access to experts from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Invited attendees selected which Boardroom Sessions to attend after completing registration. 

For more information and to register for the Boardroom Sessions at the IDN Summit Virtual Experience, please contact Robert Chafin at 859.523.5701.

i-Health's Boardroom Session

Monday, September 20 | 12:00 PM ET – 1:00 PM ET

THE OVERLOOKED CHOICE - Invoking The Microbiome with an Evidence-Based Probiotic and Modeling its Financial Impact for Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea including C. difficile-Associated Diarrhea in Your Hospital

As category leaders, we hope you will gain an appreciation for the microbiome and the roles it plays in overall health. We will share evidence for how certain probiotics may help avoid disturbances to the microbiome that can lead to antibiotic-associated diarrhea including C. difficile- associated diarrhea. We will also model how the use of a select, evidence-based probiotic may impact the incidence of  C. difficile- associated diarrhea and the financial benefits of this intervention. Finally, we will address the most common questions and concerns regarding probiotic use and how selection of a probiotic product is instrumental to achieving these outcome-related and financial benefits.