BD's Boardroom Session

Monday, September 13 | 12:00 PM ET – 1:00 PM ET

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Virtual Boardroom Session.

That said, we would still very much appreciate your input and have compiled a summary of the in-person sessions to share with you. If you have any comments or examples you would like to share, we would appreciate your feedback.

IDN Summit – Focus Group Attendees

  • 83% were from hospitals in networks, 17% identified as independent
  • 67% primarily rely on distributors (for medical supplies), 33% are split between distributors and direct from manufacturers
  • 60% had independent systems and processes for managing the supply chain, 40% had already standardized systems and processes

 There were two primary themes that came out of the in-person discussions:

  1. Interest in more communications and transparency
  • Customer service was ranked by attendees as their top priority for supply partners – as IDNs are frustrated with a lack of transparency on supply status. Customer service is seen as a willingness to help versus feeling / receiving an attitude of ‘bothering’
  • Demand for better communication around allocation process, more advance notice of backorders and quality issues / recalls
  • Split preference to have communications digitized versus those who would like more personal interactions (i.e., demand planning team including the GPOs and Suppliers) to address supply chain
  1. Focus on supply chain health and predictability
  • Many indicated that information coming from distributors vs manufacturers regarding allocations is not always the same
  • Hospitals / networks are willing to pay more for quality and assurance of supply programs in the short-term (~3 years), but price increases are not sustainable in the long-term
  • Many want distributors and manufacturers to review past usage to provide advanced warnings on when product delays are expected

Thank you again for setting aside the time.

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