2020 Chuck Lauer Award

Chuck Lauer was known by many for his optimistic spirit and strong values. To be eligible for the Chuck Lauer Award, individuals must embody these characteristics:

  • Selfless care for others
  • Strong commitment to excellence in work and life
  • Healthy balance between work and life
  • Eternally optimistic
  • Strong ethical values
  • Unwavering patriotism and pride in the United States of America.

This award is given annually at the Fall IDN Summit to a member of the healthcare supply chain community. View the nominees below.

Voting runs July 27 - August 7, 2020. Individuals can cast ONE vote. The recipient will be announced at the IDN Summit Virtual Experience on August 27, 2020. Cast your vote by selecting one of the nominees' names and clicking the "done" button. 


To leam more about the nominees contributions to the healthcare industry, click on the nominees' headshot. 

Teresa Dail

Nick Gaich

Maria Hames

Ed Hisscock

Brent Johnson

Jay Kirkpatrick

Carl Meyer

Dennis Mullins

Ken Murawski

Eric O'Daffer

Jonathan Pumphrey

Cathy Spinney

Mark Van Sumeren

Régine Honoré Villain

Thank you to the IDN Summit National Advisory Board for your nominations. 

Thank you to the nominees for your continued work and excellence in the healthcare industry.