Executive Leadership Keynote Panel:
It's High Time for Supply Chain

Below is the Executive Leadership Panel topic and speakers that participated in the 2022 Spring IDN Summit

It’s High Time for Supply Chain

Host: Brent Johnson, Retired - Vice President, Supply Chain, Intermountain Healthcare

Panelists: Richard Bagley, Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Penn State Health; Kreg Koford, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Hospital Operations, Memorial Slone Kettering Cancer Center; Joe Walsh, Executive Coach & Educator, Supply Chain Sherpas

Overnight, the COVID crisis made ‘supply chain’ a conversation topic in every household while also thrusting our healthcare supply chain into the national spotlight.  Supply chain functions at providers and suppliers now have the undivided attention of their respective c-suites.  Supply chain’s strategic relevance is self-evident as we benefit from peak levels of awareness and support.  How will we show up, and what will we do with at this unprecedented inflection point?    

Brent will share findings from a recent industry wide survey about the changes to our healthcare supply chain over the last 5 years.  The findings revealed varied and surprising insights, which may help inform a transformation roadmap for providers and suppliers.  Brent and the Intermountain Healthcare alumni of panelists will then discuss some of these changes (and challenges) as they humbly share their setbacks, breakthroughs, and experiences.   Richard, Kreg, and Joe will share strategy, framework, and real world examples to help inspire meaningful progression towards a more connected, resilient, and capable healthcare supply chain.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain survey results, specifying areas where healthcare supply chain has changed or stalled.
  2. Discuss the significance of this moment in time, and why it’s essential for our healthcare supply chain to embrace change.
  3. Present ideas on how recent initiatives will assist us in becoming the healthcare supply chain of tomorrow. 

Brent Johnson

Retired - Vice President of Supply Chain, Intermountain Healthcare

Richard Bagley

Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Penn State Health

Kreg Koford

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Hospital Operations, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Joe Walsh

Coach, Educator, & Advisor, Supply Chain, Sherpas