Focus Groups

Participants gather with their peers in this small-group research setting and share observations and insights on some of the issues having the greatest impact in the healthcare supply chain. Many sessions were repeated this year to provide more opportunities to share more opinions with the Focus Group hosts.  Each of the Focus Groups is limited in size, with breakfast served in both sessions. Open to Providers only. 
For more information about the IDN Summit Focus Groups, please contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701.

Below are the sponsors that participated in the Spring 2022 IDN Summit

Financial Considerations for Complement-Mediated Diseases 

Join us for an engaging conversation on financial considerations for treating complement-mediated diseases. This focus group will look at how health systems are treating and making financial decisions when treating complement-mediated diseases in the inpatient and outpatient setting. 


Beigene Overview and BRUKINSA™ (zanubrutinib) Clinical Update 

This presentation is designed to provide the audience with a brief introduction to BeiGene and its pipeline with a focus on the clinical development of zanubrutinib (BrukinsaTM), a bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitorThis discussion is intended to be interactive in order to gain insights on clinical trial development (eg, head-to-head) and how compendia incorporation may impact decision-making for treatment.

An Automated, Sourcing Intelligence Workplan for Prioritizing Success 

Based on insightful peer to peer feedback from a robust user group, BroadJump has created an interactive sourcing platform that concisely delineates and prioritizes cost savings initiatives to deliver the greatest amount of savings in the least amount of time and to measure forward progress. This focus group will explore why standard project management workplans commonly lead us down paths that do not deliver the expected savings in a timely manner. Join us to learn how BroadJump’s dynamic "Playbook" platform integrates thousands of data points into one user-friendly interface, providing a custom, curated guide for successful spend management initiatives. link

Leveraging Non-Acute Distribution Within Acute Care

Join us for an engaging conversation on leveraging acute distribution within non-acute care. This focus group encourages peer to peer discussion and best practice sharing on how health systems are navigating the rise of outpatient care. Learn how to better achieve visibility, standardization, and patient satisfaction in the non-acute setting. 

The Overlooked Choice - Invoking the Microbiome with an Evidence-Based Probiotic and Modeling its Financial Impact for Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea including C. Difficile-Associated Diarrhea in Your Hospital 

Despite many attempts at the containment of C. diff infections in the hospital, it continues to exact a toll relative to patients’ lives and a significant economic burden to hospitals. 

The Focus Group is designed to obtain feedback on: 

The magnitude of the problem posed by C. diff 

The multi-disciplinary methods used to contain C. diff

How a probiotic may be another choice to manage C. diff 

Lastly, we would like to demonstrate a tool that will help model how a probiotic, when used with a comprehensive program to manage and mitigate C. diff infections, can improve patient outcomes, and substantially reduce the cost of containing and managing C. diff infections in your hospital.  

The Focus Group should represent a cross-section of specialties in the hospital environment to provide a wide array of unique perspectives on this topic.  

Supplier Diversity Strategies & Solutions 

As national demand for Supplier Diversity increases within the healthcare sector, there is a premium on reliable and robust solutions with capacity to service IDNs. J2 Medical Supply is a diverse manufacturer and supplier that consistently delivers.  J2 Medical Supply Co-Founders, Roland Williams & Fred Lewis will host an interactive forum to discuss key challenges facing providers and provide critical insight and solutions to help reduce costs while bringing economic equity into their supply chain.