Idea Exchanges

Idea Exchanges are the perfect, collaborative capstone to the IDN Summit experience. Open to all attendees to share their experiences concerning challenges impacting healthcare across four professional interest groups:

These interactive sessions will be moderated by an industry leader in each area. While the moderator will guide the discussion, we encourage active participation and engagement from attendees, because the real learning comes from the ideas, experiences and solutions shared by those who have lived it.

Remote Workforce Management
Host: Trey Beuttel, Director of Provider Relationships & Education, Bluegrass Business Media

Healthcare, just like many other segments of business and industry, has discovered that many jobs can be successfully done from home. According to a recent survey by PwC, 33% of companies plan a mix of in-person, hybrid and fully remote workplace settings going forward. But healthcare is in a bit more of a tricky situation in creating a hybrid model that balances productivity with morale and most importantly, maintaining the focus on patient care. Lets’ talk about the trends and challenges of managing the growing remote workforce.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and discuss areas of Supply Chain Management that are impacted by a remote workforce.
  2. Evaluate if today’s supply chain should be designed with an overreaching vision for the implementation of a remote workforce.
  3. Analyze the key challenges your organization has faced while managing a remote workforce.