Idea Exchanges

Idea Exchanges are the perfect, collaborative capstone to the IDN Summit experience. Open to all attendees to share their experiences concerning challenges impacting healthcare across four professional interest groups:

These interactive sessions will be moderated by an industry leader in each area. While the moderator will guide the discussion, we encourage active participation and engagement from attendees, because the real learning comes from the ideas, experiences and solutions shared by those who have lived it.

Connecting the Dots
Karen Conway, Past AHRMM Chair, AHRMM

Another challenge that arose during the pandemic was the problematic nature of ‘connecting the dots’ with GTIN, classification and functional equivalents in order to manage or be proactive in finding and securing product alternatives to address shortages. Given that building resiliency, finding product options and mitigating the impact of shortages will be a long-term challenge that must be addressed, what are some of the processes, best practices and contingencies that you have put into place to address these issues?

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently impacted how organizations manage supply shortages.
  2. Analyze strategies that you have implemented to combat the current shortages within your organization.
  3. Outline best practices others have used successfully to manage healthcare supply chain challenges.