Idea Exchanges

Idea Exchanges are the perfect, collaborative capstone to the IDN Summit experience. Open to all attendees to share their experiences concerning challenges impacting healthcare across four professional interest groups:

These interactive sessions will be moderated by an industry leader in each area. While the moderator will guide the discussion, we encourage active participation and engagement from attendees, because the real learning comes from the ideas, experiences and solutions shared by those who have lived it.

Managing IDNs Waste
Host: Joe Quinones, Supply Chain Executive

It has been estimated that hospitals spend $10 billion annually in disposal costs. Given the global focus on better environmental stewardship across the board, it is essential for healthcare to do its part in implementing environmentally friendly policies and practices. Things like environmentally preferable purchasing programs, more efficient ordering protocols, new processes to reduce waste, donating materials, and enhanced recycling, are all steps that can and have been taken. During this discussion, we’ll elaborate on the challenges, successes, trends and innovations that are driving better green strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify key trends and innovations driving the management of waste within the healthcare supply chain.
  2. Examine challenges your organization has faced as it has transitioned to include environmentally friendly practices.
  3. Outline successful strategies for implementing environmentally thoughtful disposal practices.