Idea Exchanges

Idea Exchanges are the perfect, collaborative capstone to the IDN Summit experience. Open to all attendees to share their experiences concerning challenges impacting healthcare across four professional interest groups:

These interactive sessions will be moderated by an industry leader in each area. While the moderator will guide the discussion, we encourage active participation and engagement from attendees, because the real learning comes from the ideas, experiences and solutions shared by those who have lived it.

As we surpass the two-year mark of the pandemic, IDNs are still left wondering when supply chains will get back to “normal”. Shortages, labor constraints, storage limitations, and increasing delivery rates are all expected to continue through the high demands of 2022. That being said, this year could mark a turning point. IDNs and suppliers are making big investments to add capacity and are increasingly adopting new technology that will drive efficiencies and lower costs. Join Brent Petty, as he leads this discussion on how the supply chain industry is changing, and what you need to do to optimize your system.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss primary challenges your organization is facing as it pertains to supply chain demands.
  2. Outline strategies to enhance supply chain efficiencies and lower costs.
  3. Analyze the key changes to supply chain management that will remain in the post-pandemic healthcare industry.