Lunch N Learns

Lunch N Learns are in-depth educational forums offering opportunity for discussion of current issues impacting the healthcare supply chain. These invitation-only sessions, for health systems, allow host companies the chance for open dialogue about strategies, problem solving and informed decision making in the changing atmosphere of the healthcare supply chain.

Led by industry leaders, these provider-only sessions are designed to be interactive and provide access to experts from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Each session will afford ample opportunity for open dialogue with the presenting companies. 

For more information about Lunch N Learn sessions at the IDN Summit, please contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701.

Below are the sponsors that participated in the 2022 IDN Summit in Orlando

Re-Energizing Value Based Care: an interactive and collaborative conversation with Cook Medical 

Are we where we should be? 

How can we work together to move things forward? 

What is the incentive to move away from the status quo? 

Please come prepared to share your thoughts, comments, and ready to participate in the discussion!

  • Overview of provider/supplier information gathered over the past 12 months 

  • Where is Cook in the VBC process? 

  • Is your definition of VBC based on the four tenants of the quadruple aim? 

  • Lower cost of care 

  • Improved quality, Patient experience 

  • Better outcomes 

  • Enhanced Provider experience 

  • What has been easy about your VBC journey to date? 

  • What are the challenges and complications? 

  • What are your expectations of the supplier community in supporting a VBC model? 


The Intelligent Healthcare Supply Chain: Strategies and Challenges in implementing AI 

This interactive workshop will offer practical guidance on how to prepare for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your Healthcare Supply Chain (HCSC).  The format will be a guided Q&A with all participants sharing experiences, concerns, challenges, knowledge and ideas.  Individuals with expertise in AI and HCSC will guide discussion and discovery to assure the right steps are taken towards a successful AI effort. 

In the session we will strive to demystify AI and answer questions like:

  • What AI efforts are reasonable to pursue?
  • What are the common pitfalls in implementing AI and how to avoid them?
  • How can you estimate the level of effort and expected value of AI initiatives? 
  • What steps can and should be taken now to begin using AI in your supply chain?


Enter a New World of Postoperative Pain Management 

Pain management in the first 72 hours after surgery is critical. As the body’s inflammatory process unfolds, the surgical site becomes increasingly acidic and limits the efficacy of local anesthetics, regardless of administration technique. But what if local anesthetics were capable of more? By attending this symposium, you will learn how a local anesthetic designed to consistently deliver pain relief for up to 72 hours after surgery could impact the way we treat pain.


Tell Your CFO you Just Found 10M: Reimagining the Value of your GPO 

What could your organization do with an extra $10M? Healthcare providers and suppliers are on the precipice of new era of exchange that will revolutionize capital flows in the industry. Premier’s eInvoicing and ePayables division, Remitra, is guaranteeing financial results through the creative deployment of new technology with a proven track record in other industries. Welcome to the new world of the GPO where Premier is primed to accelerate payments to suppliers and delay payments for providers unlocking capital and offering unprecedented value for both sides of our partner equation. It will be worth a free lunch…… and millions more!


Understanding UV-C’s Efficacy for Disinfection in Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Settings 

Join us for a lunch and learn to understand how UV-C disinfection can enhance your layered infection prevention strategies. We will discuss the efficacy of UV-C in achieving safer indoor environments through powerful and sustainable disinfection. In this illuminating session on the power of UV-C light, Dr. Jason Garcia, R-Zero's Industrial Hygenist, will lead a discussion on the safety and effectiveness of UV-C generally and R-Zero’s products specifically for disinfection applications in a variety of settings. The session will also discuss how R-Zero’s disinfection ecosystem of UV-C solutions can enhance layered mitigation strategies in dynamic environments.


Building Supply Assurance Together – Empowering collaboration to strengthen the chain. 

As the US health care supply chain continues to forge a new normal following the pandemic, greater collaboration and transparency among stakeholders will be essential for strengthening supply assurance and resiliency – not only to address immediate operational needs, but also to establish a sustainable strategy for the future.

One of the opportunities that emerged from the pandemic was widespread industry acknowledgement of the importance of supply assurance – not only for business continuity but also for our collective mission of patient care. Although supply disruptions force all parties to focus first on immediate issue resolution, leveraging them as the impetus to create longer-term process improvements will have a profound and lasting impact on supply stability.

The time has come to shift from reactive, short-term problem-solving to executing proactive supply chain strategies that can withstand the next event or disruption. Strategies that help stakeholders meet specific supply needs during a crisis can be applied more broadly to address root causes of market shortages, mitigating future impact.

Supply chain resiliency and supply assurance cannot be achieved with participation from just one or two stakeholders. To create a reliable supply chain that benefits everyone, it is imperative that all trading partners have the ability to plan, forecast, and adapt.  In this Lunch and Learn, we will explore strategies aligned with four key pillars – insights, access, enablement and advocacy – that enable all trading partners to optimize their collective data, expertise, resources, and tools. By working together, we can enable success through shared information and learning.