Product Showcase | National Ballroom

Providers enjoy the opportunity to visit Product Showcase Sponsors to learn more about their products and services. Each provider who visits all the Product Showcase Booths will have the opportunity to receive a $100 donation to a non-profit of their choice from the IDN Summit.

Below are the 2022 Spring IDN Summit Product Showcase Sponsors

Booth 5: Amazon Business

Amazon Business is improving the way healthcare organizations source and purchase products, making supply chains more efficient, simplifying contract administration, and bringing comparison-shopping to healthcare. Learn about features built for the unique needs of the healthcare industry including selection, pricing advantages, workflow, analytics, and integrations.

Booth 6: Kit Check

Kit Check® is leading the market by providing groundbreaking hospital pharmacy solutions. Our award-winning products include automated RFID medication tracking, drug diversion surveillance and drug spend optimization. All of these products help bring visibility, simplicity, and predictability to every step of medication supply management. 

Our Medication Intelligence™ solutions provide item level visibility, workflow simplicity and practical analytics that empower stakeholders to deliver the right medicine to the right patient at the right time, every time. 

Booth 7: La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort

La-Z-Boy Healthcare | Knú Comfort is a healthcare furniture manufacturer that delivers high-performance upholstered products for the patient room and public area spaces while offering the industry’s most comprehensive recliner offerings and options. 

Booth 2: Linet Americas

Established in the US in 1990, LINET is an international leader in healthcare technology with over 1M+ patient beds installed in over 100 countries. LINET manufacturers innovative beds for the ICU, Medical-Surgical, Labor & Delivery, One-Day Care, and Long-Term Care environments that promote patient and nurse safety, facilitate early mobilization, assist with high compliance to turning schedules, improve pain management, and help reduce infection rates. Please visit for more information.

Booth 9: OLM Healthcare, LLC

OLM Healthcare is an innovator in healthcare. Within its organization is a philosophy in three divisions taking legacy products and reviving them into cutting edge alternatives that answer current needs as low-cost, high-quality alternatives. These divisions cover; information, DVT Prophylaxis devices, and asset tracking. 

INFORMATION: Database of Healthcare Facilities (Hospital, ASCs, LTC, Pharmacies, etc.), Physicians, Pharmacists with locations, contacts, affiliations (GPO/IDN/RPG etc.), financials and CPT/ICD/HCPCS availability - BILLIONS of DATAPOINTS, customizable.  

DVT Prophylaxis: Modern Pneumatic DVT products in Uniform and Sequential formats with comfortable earth friendly sleeves for the patient population at a significant savings.  

ASSET TRACKING: Low Frequency Beacons that can use DVT pumps (in rooms) as the host; low-cost antennas applied on trackable assets – Cybersafe.  

Booth 3: R-Zero Systems, Inc.

Leveraging proven CDC and WHO recommended disinfection technologies, R-Zero’s platform combines best-in-class efficacy with data science, sensor technology and modern software. The first science-based solution of its kind, R-Zero’s intelligent disinfection ecosystem provides an unprecedented level of risk management for shared indoor environments. R-Zero is the first biosafety technology company dedicated to making indoor shared spaces clinically clean with a suite of thoughtfully designed, hospital-grade technologies that reduce the transmission of microorganisms and provide an auditable trail of disinfection activities. 

Booth 4: Storage Systems Unlimited

Storage Systems Unlimited is a One-Stop-Shop, providing all storage-related products including carts, shelving, cabinets, bins, panels, and more for every department with a choice from multiple manufacturers. We provide Products, Design, Project Management & Installation.

Booth 10: UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI)

UltraViolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) designs and manufactures advanced Ultraviolet light solutions in California, applying over 70 years of family craftsmanship and care. The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer is globally trusted by over 1,000 hospitals in 25 countries and proven in over 15 peer-reviewed clinical studies to reduce Healthcare-associated Infections and inactivate high-risk pathogens. UVDI's proven Indoor Air Quality technology is installed in 10,000 commercial facilities worldwide.  UVDI is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). 

Booth 1: Valify

Valify, an affiliated company of HCA Healthcare, is the only healthcare cost management company exclusively dedicated to managing purchased services expense. Valify’s web-based technology platform uses proprietary machine learning algorithms which allow organizations to quickly identify and manage savings opportunities in over 1,300 purchased services categories. The Valify technology categorizes spend data, identifies savings opportunities and benchmarks against a database of over $600 billion in categorized spend. With a leading end-to-end cost management solution, Valify helps thousands of hospitals proactively manage expenses, increase staff productivity and realize significant savings.