Congratulations on being selected as a speaker/panelist at the 2020 Fall IDN Summit Virtual Experience! We thank you for participating and for helping us to deliver a valuable educational experience.

We hope that you are able to leverage the conference for your professional development, as well as network, build relationships and enjoy your IDN Summit experience. Please take note of the important dates listed below as well as the numerous other resources available on this page.

Thank you!

John Kelly
CEO | IDN Summit & Reverse Expo
859.523.5701 |  john@bluegrassbm.com

Important Deliverable Dates

  • Pre-Event Conference Call: Your availability will be requested prior to the recording of your virtual session for this call with the IDN Summit staff, the session moderator, and any other session speakers/panelists (if applicable).

Pre-Event Conference Call

Your availability will be requested prior to recording your virtual session to plan a pre-event conference call. The call will be arranged with all session participants to answer any questions, make sure the content is on target, and review the following items.

Things to Remember

  • Each session will have a virtual introduction from a moderator. This 1-2 minute introduction will be added to the front of your session. Additionally, a 30-60 second "thank you" clip may be added to the end of your session.
  • On the date/time your session is first aired, we ask that you be available for a live Q&A chat in order to satisfy all Continuing Education (CE) requirements. Please arrive to the session's waiting room 10 minutes before the session begins to ensure you are able to log-in and access the content appropriately. Please remain in the room for 10 minutes following the event to ensure all follow-up questions are answered. You are encouraged to introduce yourself via the chat system and stimulate discussion when appropriate.
  • PowerPoints provided to the IDN Summit will be submitted for Continuing Education (CE) certification. Due to this, changes to your presentation after the due date (July 31, 2020) are unable to be accepted.

Room Setup & Audiovisual Equipment

  • COMING SOON: Information on the setup and A/V requirements for recording your session will be posted here soon!

Flow of Session

The moderator will begin each session with an introduction and housekeeping items. These items may include, but are not limited to:

  • Welcome, Session Title, and Speaker/Panelists Names
  • Virtual Session Navigation Overview
  • How to Obtain Continuing Education (CE) Credit
  • Q&A Chat Overview


Continuing Education (CE) Accreditation

CE-accreditation is very important to IDN Summit attendees. Due to session accreditation, you cannot include any references to specific products, brand names, or supplier companies during your presentation or within your PowerPoint slides.

Ensuring High-Quality Sessions

We look forward to highly informative and interactive sessions that engage the participants in rewarding learning experiences. Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced presenter, please take a moment to review these helpful hints:


  • Review your session’s description and learning objectives.
  • Sessions are CE-accredited and cannot include any references to specific products, brand names, or supplier companies. Presentations will be reviewed and approved by the CE provider prior to the Summit.
  • Make sure slides (if applicable) are readable from the audience point of view knowing that screen sizes and resolutions will vary from person-to-person. Please avoid complicated graphs or confusing graphics. Imagery must be acquired legally.


  • Speak clearly. Remember, you're not presenting in a room where everyone is listening in real time. Audio may be delayed so your tone and speed is very important.
  • Budget your time realistically. If you are presenting with other speakers/panelists, be mindful that you do not extend past your scheduled time as attendees will have other sessions to attend.
  • Plan carefully but be flexible to promote an interactive session.
  • Participants have different learning styles and different levels of experience in your subject matter, so vary your content and delivery to address the needs of your audience. Attendees will represent hospital and health systems providers across all levels, GPOs, RPCs, suppliers, and industry consultants.
  • The day-of live chat feature is your time to really set yourself apart! Stimulate conversation, answer questions, invite sharing of information.

2020 Fall IDN Summit Virtual Experience

The 2020 Fall IDN Summit Virtual Experience will be here before you know it. If you have any questions prior to recording your session, please contact Taylor Stapleton at 859.523.5701. For a quicker response, feel free to text/call on his cell: 859.967.7800.