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Gather with your IDN Supply Chain peers in this invite-only research program to offer valuable feedback to host organizations. Kept intimate by design to offer maximum audience interaction, the IDN Summit Focus Group experience offers IDN Supply Chain executives an efficient method to shape products and services. Each invite-only session features breakfast, and a strategic overview of objectives followed by open discussions. 

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Provider Focused by Invitation Only.

Beigene Overview and BRUKINSA® (zanubrutinib) Clinical Update

 This presentation is designed to provide the audience with a brief introduction to BeiGene and its pipeline with a focus on the clinical development of zanubrutinib (Brukinsa ®), a bruton’s tyrosine kinase inhibitor.  This discussion is intended to be interactive in order to gain insights on clinical trial development.

Efficiently Manage Non-Labor Expenses Utilizing Automated Sourcing Workplans

Based on insightful peer-to-peer feedback, BroadJump has created an interactive sourcing platform that concisely delineates and prioritizes cost savings opportunities to deliver the greatest amount of savings in the least amount of time and measure forward progress.

From Equity and the Environment to Resiliency and Risk Management:

When it comes to the healthcare supply chain, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations are becoming increasingly important for healthcare organizations who recognize their responsibility to provide safe, high-quality care while also minimizing their impact on the environment and promoting social responsibility.

Setting Priorities in the Complicated World of IDNs. An Engaging Conversation on What Matters Most

Join us for an engaging conversation about IDN’s seemingly unyielding care-delivery pain points.  Learn how to keep expenditures low and staff limitations in check; all while increasing patient satisfaction levels. Together we’ll explore modern, innovative solutions that support the move towards consumerism.

Reducing Non-Clinical Costs to Fund Patient Care Initiatives

Non-clinical expenditures–including spend categories like corporate services, facilities, IT, marketing, and FF&E–represent an untapped opportunity to drive down costs and fund patient care initiatives. In this panel discussion, we will have an open dialogue and request your input to help quantify the non-clinical opportunity.

Healthcare Technology Management: An Untapped Opportunity to Drive Year Over Year Savings 

Inflation, supply chain constraints, and labor costs continue to drag down hospital and health system margins. As a result, healthcare supply chain leaders are being challenged to look for new ways to drive cost savings.

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