IDN Summit Research Reports

The IDN Summit conducts fundamental research to support the continued elevation of the healthcare supply chain. Access the latest IDN research reports below.

Chief Supply Chain Officer Report

Gain insights into how the IDN supply chain has changed and will continue changing post-pandemic.

What's Included in this Report:

  • Situational analysis of the supply chain’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The future of big data and predictive analytics in the supply chain
  • A review of shifting laws, regulations, and priorities at the federal and state levels impacting the supply chain
  • Actionable insights necessary to manage your supply chain in a changed healthcare landscape

Research Report: The Value of a Chief Supply Chain Officer

Understand the true impact of Chief Supply Chain Officers on finances and patient care.

What’s Included In This Report:

  • Analysis and learnings from the supply chain’s response to COVID-19
  • The future of sourcing diversity, partnerships, and distribution models, and information sharing
  • A comparison of supply chain structures across the automotive, retail, and e-commerce industries
  • Talent development, cultural changes, and actionable insights necessary for the elevation of the healthcare supply chain

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