2020 IDN Summit Virtual Experience

The IDN Summit hosted its inaugural Virtual Experience on August 25th-27th. Attendees participated in engaging Breakout Sessions, listened to five outstanding keynotes, and networked during 1:1 Meetings.

Educational Tracks

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2020 IDN Summit Virtual Experience Keynote Speakers

The five Keynotes at the 2020 IDN Summit Virtual Experience focused on reimagining what's possible both professionally and personally. 

REIMAGINE: Healthcare Keynote

Dr. John Whyte 
Chief Medical Officer

REIMAGINE: Your Supply Chain Keynote

Major General (Ret.) Vincent Boles
Major General (Ret.)
US Army

Inspirational Keynote
John Register

Paralympic Athlete; CEO & Catalyst
Inspired Communications International, LLC

REIMAGINE: Your World Keynote
Looking Through the Beltway Crystal Ball: Federal Health Care Public Policy Outlook and Potential Election Outcomes

John Pritchard
President and CEO
Share Moving Media

Ilisa Paul
President, District Policy Group
Faegre Drinker

Jodie Curtis
Executive Vice President, District Policy Group
Faegre Drinker

REIMAGINE: Healthcare Supply Chain Leadership Through COVID-19 and Beyond Keynote

Host: Eric O'Daffer 
Research VP, Healthcare Supply Chain

Jun Amora 
Special Advisor, Supply Chain COVID Response
NYC Mayor's Office

Ed Hisscock 
SVP, Supply Chain
Trinity Health

Régine Honoré Villain 
SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer
Ochsner Health System

IDN Summit Sponsors
The IDN Summit would like to thank the sponsors of the 2020 IDN Summit Virtual Experience.
2020 Chuck Lauer Award

Régine Honoré Villain

SVP, Supply Chain Network & Chief Supply Chain Officer 

Ochsner Health System 

Régine Honoré Villain received the 2020 Chuck Lauer Award.

She was nominated by the IDN Summit National Advisory Board for embodying the characteristics Chuck Lauer was most know for, including:

  • Selfless care for others
  • Strong commitment to excellence in work and life
  • Healthy balance between work and life
  • Eternally optimistic
  • Strong ethical values
  • Unwavering patriotism and pride in the United States of America.

She was selected from a pool of outstanding nominees, including 

  • Teresa Dail, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Nick Gaich, CEO, Nick Gaich and Associates
  • Maria Hames, Partner, HealthCare Links
  • Ed Hisscock, SVP, Supply Chain Management, Trinity Health
  • Brent Johnson, VP, Supply Chain (Ret.), Intermountain Healthcare
  • Jay Kirkpatrick, VP, Supply Chain Operations, LifePoint Health
  • Carl Meyer, EVP, Wetrich Group
  • Dennis Mullins, SVP, Supply Chain Operations, Indiana University Health
  • Ken Murawski, CEO, HealthCare Links
  • Eric O’Daffer, Research VP, Gartner
  • Jonathan Pumphrey, VP & Chief Supply Chain Officer, WellSpan
  • Cathy Spinney, President and CEO, Yankee Alliance
  • Mark Van Sumeren, Managing Director, Health Industry Advisor LLC
  • Régine Honoré Villain, SVP, Supply Chain Network & Chief Supply Chain Officer, Ochsner Health System.

Virtual teambuilders completed the assigned project to benefit Children's Hospitals, resulting in the donation of 60,000 pediatric masks. Sponsored by Premier, Inc., this Fall's teambuilding event included a perfect blend of fun team problem-solving games, icebreakers, and get-to-know-you activities.