Executive Leadership Track

Executive Leadership Track: AI in the Supply Chain

Friday, September 17, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET

Speaker: Vincent Matozzo

Supply chain executives have a lot of conflicting thoughts about artificial intelligence (AI). They're intrigued about it, but also sometimes confused and a bit skeptical that AI can be a powerful tool to optimize supply chain operations, reduce spending waste, and ensure supply chain continuity for improved patient care. During this session we’ll discuss how to leverage AI to optimize your supply chain organization; from product production to improved workflows to enhanced patient use of AI technologies as we evolve into a more holistic patient health experience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze strategies to leverage artificial intelligence in the supply chain.
  2. Describe artificial intelligence’s role in improving patient outcomes.
  3. Evaluate strategies to implement AI technologies in your supply chain.
Vincent Matozzo
Full Name
CEO and Managing Partner
Speaker Bio
Vin has innovated and challenged supply chain assumptions for over 15 years in healthcare's IDN, GPO, consulting, Value Analysis, and data transformation verticals. Vin has been an early adopter and proponent of forming collaborative alliances between executives, clinicians, and supplier partners. Vin is known for forging data driven outcomes that create value and clinical efficiency while never losing focus on the patent experience. Vin has transformed regional purchasing and clinical collaboratives across the Mid-Atlantic region and consulted in multiple IDNs with supply chain transformation as well as aggregation and merger activities. Vin has been able to effectively communicate, influence and help teams advance while adapting early technologies and applying a LEAN pragmatic approach to integrating and challenging what is operationally possible. He transcends the meridian between operational technology and leadership with managing over $3B in spend across the healthcare continuum. He is an influential leader and his motivational style focuses on enabling and aligning teams to drive bottom line results in procurement operations, maximizing potential in strategic partnerships and interpreting complex data results to fuel tomorrow's clinically integrated vision. Vin has served in various Supply Chain capacities across Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Healthcare at organizations including Yale New Haven Health, Vizient's Member Business Ventures Group, and NYU Langone Health. He also has a propensity to leverage forward thinking and pursing future technologies and innovation. Vin also has advised various startups, and emerging technology groups on market entrance strategies and data interpretation in US and international markets.

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