Sunday, April 16 l 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM l $75 (Complimentary for Providers)

New to IDN Summit Master Classes  

The IDN Summit is presenting a new opportunity for attendees in 2023 – the first of a series of Master Classes. These immersive platforms will be entertaining, and educational and will offer journeys into…  

• Food discovery 
• Behind the Scenes with IDN Keynote 
• Mind and body wellness focus 
• Plus, many other offerings encompassing a broad range of topics and interests  

Seating will be limited for these classes to provide a focused, comfortable, and dynamic environment.  

These classes can only be found at the IDN Summit, a program that is crafted to help you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS THAT MATTER – in the business, personal and social aspects of your life. 

2023 Spring IDN Summit Master Class: Food & Wine Pairings 

Join the fun as the IDN Summit delves into the art of bringing great wine and food together. During this two-hour Master Class learn from an expert instructor how to pair a selection of foods with the appropriate wines. Afterward, step into the kitchen with Omni chefs and their staff as they guide you through creating a delicious dish that pairs perfectly with one of the benchmark wines showcased. 

For additional information contact Trey Beuttel at 859.523.5701.

Trey Beuttel | Director, Provider Relationships and Education
P: 859.523.5701